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This is current RP information for all of Sara Smith's LJ comms.  It will always be forward-dated to seven years from now, because lol Bliss Stage.

Please post here with questions, comments or constructive criticism.

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This is the guestbook of Sara Hildegarde Smith, elite Anima Robot pilot. If you have suggestions or a promblem you want to talk about with me, you can ask me privately and anonymously by commenting here. Thanks!
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A beautiful smile

Name: Elliott, alias Bliss Authority
Are you over 16?: why yes
Personal LJ: L_The_Fangirl
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Other contact: - AIM
Characters already in the game: Not a one
How did you find us?: Recommended by a friend


Character name: Sara Smith
Fandom: Bliss Stage (Tabletop RPG)
Timeline: The end of a Final Act playthrough
Age: 14
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: The ANIMa device, an awsm machine that allows her, with another person Anchoring her, to Pilot a giant robot with components made of love and friendship. ...No, REALLY.
One person has to Anchor her - basically, they navigate her by way of dream interpretation and relay firing coordinates to her; the relationship to her Anchor is the chassis.
Anyone else's relationship can form one given system, from a beam sabers to vulcan cannons to sensor arrays to force fields; what kind of system it is symbolizes the relationship (I've always liked having her totally-not-her-boyfriend as a heavy ballistic plasma cannon for completely Freudian reasons).
Emotionally and physically intimate relationships are more powerful - eeew, you perv, I'm not even THINKING about having sex yet, I mean kissing or punching someone and stuff - and trusting ones are more durable and reliable (her brother = gun with INFINITE BULLETS).

How would they use their abilities?: To defend her and hers from monsters (very reluctantly on HUMAN monsters), particularly psychic or astral beasties, and for scouting and recon. Hey, the chassis can protect her in space! Really!

Appearance: 14 year old, cheerful, somewhat spacy blond. Who is much less innocent that she looks.


Sara Smith is an Innocent Sweetheart from a mecha anime inspired RPG... PPPPFFFT I managed to keep a straight face for a whole 12 words. By 'mecha anime,' read 'Mecha HORROR anime where they fight robot-sized Cthulhu.' And by "Innocent Sweetheart," read "Has a moral system as black-and-white as Asuka Langley's."

She's certianly an innocent... for a world collapsed into adolecent barbarism, cheerful... considering the nightmare-inducing psychic aliens that dot the Bliss Stage landscape... let's just say that she's more mature than she looks (and more mature than her wingmates give her credit for) but a lot less mature than she'd like to believe.)

Sara is committed to the Resistance - the quasi-military group fighting back against the aliens and working to cure the Only Fatal To Adults ailment called The Bliss. She's very trusting of her team - not completely out of innocence, but because "Trust makes sense. And thick armor." If her ANIMa mecha is any indication, this outlook is literally correct.

She has good social skills, but tends to be quieter and more introspective when she can; being social too long exhausts her. She's fairly active when not in combat, and learns best by doing (a fact lost on her brother).

Why should that character be in this game: I'm answering this question because there's such scant information on Sara in what passes for canon; she's essentially based on the character sheet in Bliss Stage but expanded on so much that she's an OC.

The short version is because she's a GAR little teenage girl from a grim, dark world, managing to stay idealistic, cheerful and - yes - innocent despite being from the last outpost of civilization. Bliss Stage is about doing the impossible and kicking Cthulhu in the face with the power of love - for a value of 'power of love' rated in terawatt outputs for a Binary Fusion Gun.

And anyone who assumes that her innocence or teenage-girl-romantic outlook is from an easy life or not knowing what violence and sex is will have the lulz-filled experience of having a blond girl with an A-cup lecture them on trigger discipline ("Are you stupid or something? 'Cause you almost shot yourself in the foot keeping your finger on that trigger like that! Why does a teenage girl need to tell you this!?"). Or have to fend off a 14 year old flirting with you because she knows it makes adults uncomfortable. If you're very, VERY lucky, you'll get to see kind of weapon she can fashion from her totally platonic yup-yup-yup love for you.

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yes. You guys are seriously cracky... who would WANT to app a rock?

1st person sample:

Um... if anyone is having really, really vivid nightmares, then let me know. I'm tracking one of the things that invaded my world before it got hyperspace bypassed (good riddance to those creeps), and knowing whose having naked-in-the-classroom-then-eaten-by-students dreams will help me track it down.

I promise more pleasant dreams if you tell me. About my robot beating the ever-living crap out of a monster, but that's an awesome dream, right?

3rd person sample:

Sara hung up a sign saying "Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again, have a nice day" in cursive on her door, closed it, locked it and took her pad and pencils from her desk. She stared out the porthole of the Thor, sketching the space station as they drew further and further away from it, trying to capture all of the colors and lights while she could see it.

It was her form of meditation, her way of blocking out thought and sensation and everything that wasn't her unconscious mind. She really, really needed to stop thinking; noise was starting to hurt, and she was exhausted from talking to everyone.

So when there was a knock on her door, she snarled, "Fuck off, die, and learn to read!"

Questions?: Not really, but here's her character sheet:
...Yes, Intimacy and Trust are stats. Stop looking at me like that.

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject:


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