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22 December
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Note: this is an in-character journal for one Sara Smith from the tabletop RPG Bliss Stage. Poke her mun at l_the_fangirl for more info.

If there's anyone out there who can read this...

Hi there! I'm Sara, and I'm pretty much a normal girl - well, all things considered - and even so, I'm fighting back. We have this machine... maybe you've seen it fighting the bad guys, the aliens? Rumors about angels and stuff fighting back? Yeah, that was me! (Or maybe it was Josh. His robot has angel wings too. I don't know). It's fun, and it's awesome, even though it's also really scary...

Other than that, I don't know. I like to read books I scavenge, comic books too, and I liked movies... we still have some, since huur-Derk got the generators to burn Nightmare fuel.

Anna says I should mention that if you want to help, you should come by First and Market every sunday at sundown. Um, don't attack us, we aren't bringing food or stuff and I'd bring my robot, which you probably can't fight back against and stuff.
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